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Pauzo – a brand new highway restaurant concept


Catering Operating Solutions (COS) took over 13 restaurants at 7 locations along Belgian motorways.

At the moment that COS decided to become customer of AGX (beginning of 2011), we had the responsibility to create a new name, logo and style of the restaurant concept.


The result is Pauzo. The name is derived from the Dutch word, pauze, which means pause.
Their values are: healthy, calm, feeling, flexible, fast, relax, break, fresh, free internet, authenticity, conviviality, intimate atmosphere, style and warm; which is the total opposite of what people in general think about highway restaurants.
After one year, the first Pauzo restaurant is open in Wetteren, along E40, direction of Ghent.

In the past year, AGX rolled out the whole communication, from logo, tenders, style guide, flyer, Facebook tabs, advertisements, folder to website, loyalty card, beachflag, signage, voucher, press communication, screens (and content for the screens) in the restaurants, posters, …

AGX is eager to continue this beautiful collaboration with Pauzo!

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  • Posted 28/02/2012
  • Posted by Tang
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